Posted by: ownthepodium | February 26, 2010

OTP and our Communities

Today Clara Hughes made a very profound statement.  After donating $10,000 to the Take a Hike Foundation ( she said that “sport saves lives.” By this, I think she means that sport also helps people acquire life skills.  Through sport, people can learn mastery, self efficacy, leadership, and goal setting.  The research on this matter clearly indicates that sport can create healthy, engaged citizens. An investment in sport is an investment in community.  

OTP invests in various Canadian communities – such as the research, sport science and medical services of universities, various service sectors such as the hospitality sector, and manufacturing.  The national sports (NSOs) have spent their OTP funding in a myriad of ways throughout Canada such as: 

  • to hire the best coaches and high performance directors.  In many cases this created new jobs, or allowed coaches to work fulltime as coaches. 
  • to provide services to athletes who attend training camps across the country, from Farnham Glacier to Dawson Creek
  • to build, or specialize, or to rent equipment
  • to hire nutritionists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, or sport psychologists. 
  • to access technology and research for application to sport

The OTP initiative is about partnerships in our community and this has been a unique and productive element for OTP success. Almost all provinces have contributed financially, as has the federal government and many corporate partners. The Canadian public joins these others by contributing to the Olympic Foundation’s $20.10 campaign or by buying red mittens. Research groups have contributed use of facilities, equipment and research technicians. The Canadian Olympic Committee, fro the sport sector, has provided funding and administrative services.

So, OTP has very much been about involving various communities in serving our top athletes to achieve a common goal.



  1. Please let us know in your blogs, how we can donate to the $20.10

    Anne Hegeveit, said on CBC Radio this week, that the Old Olympian medalists would have been proud to be an honour guard at the Olympics. I bet they’d be wonderful fund raisers also.

    thank you. We are so proud.

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