Posted by: ownthepodium | February 21, 2010

Olympic Spirit Unrivalled in both Vancouver Fans and Canadian Athletes

The way Canadian’s have embraced the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and the Canadian athletes is truly remarkable.  I have been to many, many Games and I have yet to witness the host city transform into such a hotbed of enthusiasm and revelry.

This weekend, under beautiful blue skies, thousands of people ventured to Vancouver’s downtown to take in the sights, the visit the art installations, snap pictures of the cauldron and create some of their own Olympic moments.  We certainly answered the call to “Paint the Town Red” as Vancouver is sea of red, white and maple leafs.  One of my favourite moments so far was the raucous crowd at Vancouver Olympic Centre breaking into a spontaneous rendition of “Oh Canada” to support curler Kevin Martin as his rink took on Great Britain in extra ends.

We have not only embraced the Olympics in spirit (and apparel), we have decided to support our athletes in their success and disappointments.  I would like to commend Melissa Hollingsworth for showing true character after her 5th place finish in Skeleton.  She set an ambitious goal, and while it slipped from her reach, she demonstrated the real brave act is dreaming big and doing everything possible to reach it.

Athletes like Melissa motivate us to strengthen our Canadian sport system.  OTP provides necessary financial support our National Sport Organization (NSO’s) so they can prepare their athletes for the international stage.  We do this by providing funds for training camps, equipment purchase, international competition, and support staff.  This support will not only embolden our athletes to be their best, but will build strong sport system.  Athletes demand excellence from themselves; we must provide them with the necessary tools to fulfil these dreams.



  1. I am moved to comment on the negative remarks on the news this evening re the lack of medals despite the expense of the Own the Podium program. Its obvious that our atheletes are proud to be Canadian and any slip up in performance resulting in miss at the podium is a slip that is a result of an effort of more than 100%.

    It seems that any reference to Canadian performance is compared to the USA medal total … with 10 times our population it seems to me that the USA is lagging way behind the measure of Canadian success.

    In an era of government excess and waste, Own the Podium is a project, I as a Canadian, feel is money well spent, no matter what the final cost of the games. When in the history of the Olympics has so much national pride been generated. This pride is the result of a sports program that is finally properly funded. Viva Vancouver !!!

  2. I had the privledge of watching the Winter Olympics with my two boys (12 and 9). I also followed very closely the ups and downs of the “bold” Own the Podium intiative.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! It was a complete success.

    Please continue with this program. My boys are at an age where they understood the program and the impact it had on assisting the athletes. If I can suggest a new program called “The Way to the Podium” that would encourage and offer opportunities for kids to get involved in Olympic sports it would go a long way for Canada in the future. In my opinion, there are too many great athletes chasing the .03% shot at hockey, that we need to find a way to encourage young athletes to pursue other Olympic sports from coast to coast.

    Peter Driscoll, Bedford NS

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