Posted by: ownthepodium | February 18, 2010

Confidence; “It looks good on us”

Canada’s athletes are sporting a new attitude, and it is one of confidence. They are confident because they know they have received every training opportunity, they have the best possible equipment and they know they have the support of the entire nation.  They are trying to do their best, and I quote VANOC’s CEO John Furlong when I say, “it looks good on us.” 

To date, six wonderful individuals have won medals, Jen Heil, Alex Bilodeau, Kristina Groves, Mike Robertson, Maëlle Ricker, and Marianne St-Gelais.  With such achievement, they have been nothing but gracious and humble. They have demonstrated the upmost sportsmanship and respect for their competitors.  Without fail, they acknowledge that the accolades are to be shared with the mosaic of people and organizations that compose their support network. OTP is one part of this support network.

 As I watch Maëlle’s victory ceremony for her gold medal performance, I know she will represent Canada and ‘true sport’ extremely well.  Canadian’s place considerable importance on ethical behaviour, hard honest work, respect for others and striving for excellence. Maëlle and her Canadian athletes illustrate that you can be “really nice” while achieving excellence.


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