Posted by: ownthepodium | February 11, 2010

One day to go…

It is obviously a very exciting moment for all participants associated with the Winter Games. One day to go, and for VANOC, the next 16 days is what this marvellous team has been working for, for seven years. The Own The Podium program has been working with the winter sports for five years. From a time standpoint, it is as if we all started our undergraduate degrees years ago and are now approaching the completion of our Masters degrees, with final examinations for VANOC and the athletes coming up in the next two weeks.  All of us think we have worked very hard and are ready, but with the anxiety that things could go wrong, we have another two weeks of fretting to be sure we all get through this with flying colours. I have great confidence that we will do well.  Let the Games begin!



  1. Own the Podium has been given bad press. I want to congratulate those you put forward the concept. It is a great motivational tool. We need to expect the best from our Olympians. Owning the podium could be viewed in terms of number of Gold won by Canada. Imagine if Canada has the most Gold medals – in my mind they will own the Podium – Canadian flag would have been raised the most higher than any other; Oh Canada would have been sung more than any other. At this point, I am proud of all our Olympians – they gave their best and that is good enough for me. Canada is Owning the Podium!
    I am a very proud Canadian.

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